Interior Fireplace Repair

Interior fireplace repair focuses on addressing issues within the chimney structure, particularly the flue and lining. Making sure all aspects of the chimney provide safe and efficient venting.

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Smoke Chamber

The Smoke Chamber of the fireplace is the area from the damper to the start of the flue tile which starts wider at the bottom and narrows as it reaches the top. It is reported that the majority of house fires caused by the use of a fireplace begin in the smoke chamber for two reasons.

  1. Typically this area is unlined and is constructed simple of brick and mortar. Over time and with use the wood behind this area tends to dry out from the heat of the brick and provides for the perfect elements for a fire hazard. Over time the mortar also deteriorates and can expose the area behind the fire chamber.
  2. Another cause of hazardous fires which may form in this area is due to the buildup of combustible materials within the camber walls. This area, when built, can be roughly constructed due to the nature of it being hidden. When roughly done it provides for gaps and areas which may stick out. These areas provide a prime area for creosote buildup which over time can catch fire and lead to hazardous conditions.

New construction code requires all fireplaces to be “Parged”, a process of applying mortar to the inside of the smoke chamber to seal all holes, gaps, and rough edges that may collect creosote. In older homes however this was not the case. If this area is a concern of our technicians they are able to “Parge” the smoke chamber for you to elevate the any potential hazards.

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Chimney Relining

Water vapor, heat, gases and water damage can cause mortar, brick or tile to breakdown within the chimney flue and expose your home to fires or carbon monoxide leaks into the living area. Chimney relining is the most typical, as well as most affordable, way to rectify most chimney problems within the chimney flue due to deterioration, fire, or weather related damage. In many cases with older homes chimneys need to be lined due to the fact that it was not the standard or required when the house was originally built. Our certified technicians can get your chimney back to safe condition for you and your loved ones.

Fireplace Chimney Relining Outside
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Firebox Repair

Due to the high temperatures reach within the firebox as well as moisture issues deterioration and degradation can occur of the bricks and mortar. Just as hazards we find within the Smoke Chamber ambers and gasses can be released into areas behind the fireplace primed for a fire hazard. These hazards can be eliminated through tuckpointing or in more severe cases rebuilding the firebox, which can be done over top of the existing firebox.

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Refractory Panels Replacement

Panels that are a part that reflect heat into the room over time. Panels can crack causing chimney warping or house fires.

Gas & Electric Fireplace Logo Replacement

Gas/Electric Log Sets

Log Sets can be ordered for installation or replacement.  Damaged or mislaid gas logs can cause flame impingement and cause inefficient burning and venting causing potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

Glass Fireplace Doors

Glass Doors

Glass Doors can be ordered for installation or replacement.

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